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Honored Dead

Knights Of Thermopylae Inn of Court                                                  Shipmates are starting to die off and the boats we sailed to disappear. “At my back I always hear Time’s winged chariot hurrying near”. We need a group Memoriam:              There is a port of no return, where shipsMay ride at anchor for a little spaceAnd then, […]

VALERIANO DIVIACCHI / The Truth on SJC Cases 12025 and 13241

VALERIANO DIVIACCHI VALERIANO DIVIACCHI Private citizen Valeriano Diviacchi pursuant to the First Amendment states the following regarding SJC Case 12025, In Re Valeriano Diviacchi, in which the undersigned Valeriano Diviacchi was the only attorney involved who had the courage to speak honestly and truthfully to the best of his knowledge and ability; who was the […]